Dental Crowns Near You

At Lighthouse Dental, we offer numerous restorative services to help patients regain their dental health and beauty.
Of these treatments, dental crowns are definitely one of the more versatile. They can be used to restore broken, discoloured, or damaged teeth, and so much more. We are experienced in providing dental crowns in Vancouver City to help our patients smile. If you’re in need of a dental restoration, it’s vital not to prolong your treatment. Unlike other conditions that can get better with time, this issue will only get worse. Keep reading to learn more about dental crowns in Vancouver City and why we use them!

Dental Crowns in Vancouver

What is a Dental Crown?

Sometimes referred to as a cap, a dental crown is a prosthetic that is designed to cover the entire visible portion of your tooth. These crowns are permanently placed on top of teeth with damage, decay, or other issues to provide them with strength, protection, and beauty. They can be made from various materials, and we are experts at seamlessly matching dental crowns with the colour of your natural smile.

Typically, you’ll come in for an appointment, where we will remove a slight portion of your dental structure to accommodate your crown. After, we’ll take special impressions that are sent off to a lab for your customized restoration. You’ll be given a temporary crown to wear until your permanent one is manufactured. Then, you’ll come back into our dental office, where we will permanently place your dental crown for a strong, healthy, and beautiful smile.

Dental Crowns Near You

Benefits of Dental Crowns

Our customized dental crowns near you are a popular restoration because they can:

  • Strengthen teeth
  • Restore teeth to their natural size and shape
  • Protect weakened teeth from breaking
  • Restore broken teeth
  • Restore dental implants
  • Conceal permanently discoloured teeth
  • Support dental bridges
  • Enhance the overall appearance of your smile

The best part about dental crowns is that your local dentist can match it to the exact shade of your natural smile, which means nobody will know that you received a restoration.


There are three main types of dental crowns: ceramic, porcelain fused to metal, and gold. We offer all three of these types of dental crowns near you because they each have their own benefits. The type of crown that you need will directly depend on where the affected tooth is. For patients with decay or damage to a visible tooth, we’ll recommend an all-ceramic crown because it’s the most aesthetically pleasing. However, patients who require crowns on their back molars may benefit more from porcelain fused to metal or gold materials because they are more resistant to wear and tear.