Teeth Whitening Near You

When someone pulls out their phone or camera to snap a picture, do you have a habit of smiling with your mouth closed to avoid your stained teeth being photographed? If so, you’re not the only one.

An estimated 80% of the American population wishes they had a whiter smile. Instead of wasting time and money on over-the-counter products that often don’t work, why not seek professional teeth whitening from a cosmetic dentist in Vancouver City? We offer in-office teeth whitening in our Vancouver City dental office that can brighten your smile in just one hour. To learn more about this amazing treatment and how it can benefit you, give us a call today!

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Teeth Whitening in Vancouver

Why Teeth Become Stained

There are two kinds of stains that can develop on teeth: extrinsic and intrinsic.

Extrinsic stains occur on the surface of the enamel. Often, they’re the result of overconsumption of darkly pigmented foods and beverages, tobacco use, or general enamel erosion. Although these stains can sometimes be removed by whitening toothpastes or kits, there are many cases where professional whitening is required to eradicate them fully.

Intrinsic stains are more severe and develop deeper within the tooth. They’re typically caused by physical trauma, aging, ingesting too much fluoride during childhood, or overuse of certain medications. Even though these stains are more deeply set, our professional teeth whitening near you can easily blast them away.

Teeth Whitening Near You

How In-Office Teeth Whitening Treatment Works

If you have a photo shoot, job interview, or some other important event coming up and want to brighten your smile in a hurry, our teeth whitening in Vancouver would be perfect for you. In most cases, we can whiten your teeth by up to eight shades in just one appointment that lasts an hour or less.

First, we isolate your teeth with a dental dam. It protects your soft tissues, such as your gums and lips, from becoming irritated by the powerful bleaching gel. Our team then shines a special light onto your teeth that activates the gel, allowing it to permeate the enamel to break down the deep-set stains that lie under the surface. After about 15 minutes, we wipe the gel off, removing the stains as well. We can repeat this process a couple of more times until you’re satisfied with the smile you see in the mirror.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

Here are some of the advantages of choosing professional teeth whitening near you over store-bought products:

We can help you achieve more dramatic results that last significantly longer.

Your confidence will gain a boost, increasing your chances of success in the professional world.

Because we isolate your teeth, you won’t experience soft tissue irritation.

Our bleaching gel is specially formulated to minimize the risk of tooth sensitivity afterward.