Wisdom Tooth Extractions Near You

Wisdom teeth typically grow between the ages of 17 and 25, and even though centuries ago our ancestors used them to chew up meats and hard foods, many people today don’t have enough room in their jaw bones to house these third molars.

Not every wisdom tooth needs to be removed, but by providing wisdom tooth extractions in Vancouver City if they pose a threat to your oral health, you may be able to avoid serious problems down the road.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions in Vancouver

When is Wisdom Tooth Extraction Really Necessary?

Not everybody needs to have their wisdom teeth removed. We typically recommend this procedure for people who have impacted wisdom teeth that are lodged below the gumline or for those who don’t have enough room in their mouth to safely allow them to grow in. If you do allow your wisdom teeth to grow in these situations, it could cause your other teeth to become misaligned or put you at a higher risk of developing oral health problems like infections.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions Near You

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Aftercare

After your procedure, our team at Lighthouse Dental will provide you with a detailed list of aftercare instructions to make sure that you make a quick and complication-free recovery from your treatment. Typically, we recommend that you rest for a couple of days afterward, so be sure to take off of work ahead of time and don’t do anything physical. To prevent swelling, you can place a cold compress on the outside of your mouth for 10 minutes on, 10 minutes off, for up to an hour. It’s also important to make sure to keep the extraction site clean, which we’ll provide you with instructions on how to do.